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Planting Trees in Delhi

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This what I love about India. After getting up this morning and brushing my teeth I realised that I had ran out of water (top tip: always brush your teeth with bottled water). There is a little store up the road from where I'm staying and as it was 9am and the temperature was already 30c I thought I better go and get some more. Walking up the road, and after taking my life into my own hands, I crossed the road to the little shack where I get my water. After the usual attempt to have a conversation with the man, his English isn't great and

my Hindi is pretty much non existent, we did the usual smile and nod. As it was so sunny I thought I would walk under the trees down the road till it was time to cross back over. As I was walking I came across a gate with a banner outside and some young people digging in the ground, so I went to investigate.

It turns out that the people are students, residents and members of R.A.W.S, Raghav & Anshul Welfare Society, which is a local NGO that plants trees in their area of Delhi. All of the trees, permissions from local government, organising etc was done by Raghav and his great team There was also another NGO called Connectfor, who provided more volunteers to help.

You can check out both of these amazing organisations on the links below.

I was soon roped into help plant trees and had an opportunity to speak to the people who were participating. They were all very enthusiastic and understood the environmental plight of not only India, but the whole world. Hats off to these guys for making a difference.

And to finish the morning off a got a certificate, bonus! (My name was lost in translation LOL)

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