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The Karol Bagh Market, Delhi

I bought a new phone with an Indian SIM card as the internet at the hotels can be very patchy and not good when you want to upload videos (A 10 minute video took me 20 hours to load on youtube). After sorting a card (Big thanks to Kush for helping me to get one) and buying a phone, I needed a cover. After speaking to the guys where I'm staying, the all said go to the Karol Bagh market, which is located in central Delhi.

Karol Bagh Market
Main shopping street in Karol Bagh

It's not really a market in the sense that the stalls laid out in one big area, there are main streets that have roads and alleyways leading off them. The market is split in various areas, each selling a particular product. They range from clothes, motorbikes, food, mobile phones and everything in between. The market has many upmarket shops along the main strip with plenty of western shops among them. There were lots of affluent Indians around browsing the shop windows

I wondered through the streets and alleyways saying "no thank you" countless times to the hawkers trying to sell me belts, sunglasses, watches and socks. I eventually came to the mobile phone area of the market. Wow, I've never seen so many shops and stalls. The alleyways were a flurry of activity and when you ventured in the shopping arcades, they lead down underground to more little shops. The place was a maze. I eventually got my phone case and continued to look around. I spent nearly a whole day here and still didn't see it all. Its worth a visit if you have some time in Delhi, as there is so much to see and it's handy as you can get almost anything. I also went to enquire about a motorbike................ But that's for a later post....

Karol Bagh Market
Beautiful Cakes For Sale

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