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Baam! Back in India baby!

So I've been back in Delhi now for a couple of days. I always find myself in amazement every time I come back, it feels like I've arrived for the first time again. The journey to India was pretty uneventful, other than the Indian immigration officer was annoyed that I couldn't grasp the concept of putting my right thumb on the scanner (I had been up for for over 24 hours at this point). Struggling with my heavy bags (I've packed all my electrical equipment, helmet, jacket etc) through Indira Gandhi Airport I arranged my prepaid taxi (good to know the price before you travel) and stepped outside. The heat hits you instantly and I found myself gasping in dry air and beads of sweat start forming all over my body straight away.

I dodged my way through the countless Indians waiting for family members, apologising constantly as my heavy bag was hitting everybody, you can see that they have that "bloody tourist" look on their face. I then battled through the taxi drivers all wanting my business till I found the black and yellow taxi cabs I was looking for. I handed the head honcho my slip of paper, he looked puzzled turned to me and said "no air conditioning?", I shook my head "no". I was quickly ushered to a mini van (Suzuki carry in the uk) and after clearing the security gate we headed off. At this point I must tell you that if you ask an Indian taxi driver if they know where they are going, they will always tell you yes. As always it soon transpires that they know the general direction. After asking a few rickshaw drivers and random people we eventually made it to my digs I was able to check in and get some much needed sleep. The second point I need to tell you is, regardless of where you are or where you stay in India there will always be a dog barking somewhere, those who have travelled in India will understand, luckily I always have my ear plugs handy.

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